Our partners:

The «REMHYDROMASH» Limited Liability Company was founded in September 1992. We are engaged in a highly professional maintenance of turbine feed pump flow and starting energy pumps blocks (300 and 800 MW), feed energy pumps blocks (200 MW), taking advantage of the industrial and plant techniques. Over the past years, more than 1000 equipment units have been repaired as well as such hydraulic equipment as PN 1500-350, OSPT 1150М, PN 1135-340, CVPT 340-1000, CSPE 320-550, pumps types PE, KsV,  a great number of pipeline control valves (HP and SHP), hydraulic coupling, starting turbine of feed pumps. The «REMHYDROMASH» Limited Liability Company also engages in delivering and installing the upgraded wet parts, including the required refinement of the outside pump casing and injection cover under plant conditions, all modifications of turbo pumps manufactured by “Proletarskyi zavod” OA, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We currently have own our industrial sites, the necessary machinery, equipment and devices, qualified engineering and technical manpower required to carry out task of any complexity. We are always pleasant to welcome you!

Striving to be as convenient as possible for our Client, we are taking care of the equipment delivery and its maintenance and back, placing orders for parts’ producing subject to replacement as well as their receipt form the manufacturer within the term specified by the client.  Defect list, parts inventory subject to replacement drawn up by equipment unpacking and the cost of repair are being discussed and agreed upon with the Client.  The repaired equipment, which is sealed and packaged, is being delivered to the Client together with the guarantee certificate and the full set of technical maintenance documentation.

The features of performing maintenance works at pump wet ends in the framework of the productive base provided by the «REMHYDROMASH» Limited Liability Company:

• Survey of defects of pump wen ends by a joint Commission made up of 3 specialists provided laboratory examinations;

• The required sizes of the expansion clearance and rotor play are being provided through harmonizing with the plant’s documentation of all linear dimensions of stator and rotary parts of pump wet ends;

• to comply with technical requirements, we carry out planting for mounting and contacting seats within the sections, distributors, sealing of the flushed and  worn out housings for fitting pins, element and distributors’ fastenings are also subject to replacement;

• all of the linear dimensions of hydraulic relief disk plates as well as bearing disks are being restored;

• all of the add-on and sealing rotor parts are being manufactured by the enterprise or booked externally;

• Shafts are subject to be configured correctly if there is a bend up to 0,25 mm;

• Rotors are being balanced to a value of an off-balanced weight 20 g-cm;

• Pump wet ends are being transported for the repair and back by the enterprise’s vehicles.