Our partners:

  • Regulating hydraulic joints

    The delivery of regulating hydraulic joints manufactured by Voith Turbo GmbH. The integration into existing or developing generating sets, short gestation period of investments due to electrical energy savings.  The long-term failure interval and lifespan for 20 years.

  • Feed pumps

    The production and turnaround maintenance of all types of feed pumps as well as generating sets based thereon. The delivery of the upgraded turbine and energy feed pumps as well as modernization sets for existing feed pumps. Availability of the feed pumps’ exchange fleet will enable the emergency operation of inner casing of a feed pump for a repaired one supplied by our Company, preventing the block’s downtime and reduced generation of electricity.

  • Line pumps

    The production and supply of line pumps and generating sets based thereon. A wide variety of drive motors manufactured by the CIS countries, Siemens and Helmke’s European manufacturers as well.

  • Booster (auxiliary) pumps

    The production and supply of auxiliary pumps and generating sets based thereon.

  • Spare parts

    The production and supply of the broad spectrum of spare parts for any type of pumps. The delivery of spare parts in a short time, their constant availability at the spare parts warehouse.

  • Straight - joints

    The production and supply of straight - joints: tooth coupling, plate clutch, pin bush coupling etc.

  • Automation systems

    The implementation of automation systems for generating sets and feed stations. The development of a customized software system for each item, implementation on a Siemens components as well as using other manufacturers’ systems. Regulatory systems, vibration control systems and energy saving management system.

  • Drive turbines

    The production and supply of drive turbines and turbine power generating sets based thereon.

  • Motor drivers

    The delivery of motor drives of different size types: Helmke, Pubic Comapny "ELSIB" and other produced by other manufacturers.

  • Frequency regulation

    The delivery and implementation of frequency regulation for technological process management and energy savings.

  • Project design

    The fulfillment of all phases of project documentation.  Our enterprise has a considerable experience in designing of power equipment.